The Role of Sportsmanship in Athletics
by Peter Sheehan
Director of Physical Education and Athletics

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Friends:
The role of the parent in the education of a youngster is important. The support shown in the home is often manifested in the ability of the student to accept the opportunities presented at school in the classroom and through co-curricular activities.

There is a value system established in the home, nurtured in the school, that young people are developing. Their involvement in classroom and other activities contributes to that development. Integrity, fairness and respect are lifetime values taught through athletics, and these are the principles of good sportsmanship. With them, the spirit of competition thrives, fueled by honest rivalry, courteous relations and graceful acceptance of these results. A Good Sport, whether a student or a parent, is a true leader in the community. As a parent of a student in the Saratoga Springs City School District, your sportsmanship goals should include:

  1. Realizing that athletics are part of the educational experience, and the benefits of involvement go beyond the final score of a game.
  2. Encouraging our students to perform their best, just as we would urge them on with their class work, knowing that others will always turn in better or lesser performances.
  3. Participating in positive cheers that encourage our youngsters, and discouraging any cheers that would redirect that focus, including those that taunt and intimidate opponents, their fans and officials.
  4. Learning, understanding and respecting the rules of the game, the officials who administer them and their decisions.
  5. Respecting the task our coaches face as teachers; and supporting them as they strive to educate our youth.
  6. Respecting our opponents as students, and acknowledging them for striving to do their best.
  7. Developing a sense of dignity under all circumstances.

You can have a major influence on your youngster's attitude about academics and athletics. The leadership role you take in sportsmanship will help influence your child, and our community, for years to come.

Hope to see you at the games, and thank you for your continued support.

Very truly yours,
Peter Sheehan

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